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December Ramble - Desert Camping Trip

The 4th QNHG ramble of the season is on Friday, December 8-9th, 2017 


QNHG members are invited  to  enjoy the day in the desert and and camp overnight in the starry and tranquil desert.  Anthony Smith is an experienced camper in Qatar, Tony has lived here for many years and goes camping most weekends, in fact I believe he goes every weekend.

Gathering time and place:

We will rendezvous at the Jarir Bookstore on Salwa Road at 10 am on Friday 8th December. We will depart the parking lot of the Bookstore at 10.15am. A maximum of 20 vehicles


The journey to the camp will take us through Turayna Farm then on to Qusaira, an old rain water cistern. We will then travel on tracks to the camp at Jaow Hashemiyah, known as Acacia Camp. We will make a lunch stop near Turayna Farm, arriving at camp by mid-afternoon and set up camp and explore the area. There are many fossils to be observed but not to be taken.  This is an opportunity to search for desert creatures.

On Saturday morning we will depart camp at 9am and drive to nearby Jaow Hamrya (Shark's Teeth Valley) where we will spend time exploring for Shark’s teeth and other fossils. We will then make our way to the Inland Sea before departing.

What to bring

For the campers: A four wheel drive vehicle is mandatory, make sure it is in excellent working condition and fill the tank prior to our meet as we will not stop for Gas/petrol.

  • The usual camping gear for your family, plenty of food and lots and lots of water. You will need food for lunch and dinner on Friday, and breakfast and (perhaps) lunch for the second day.
  • Toiletries and a spade to dig a hole. (you know what that's for.
  • A flashlight/torch with extra batteries and good walking shoes, a water bottle and sunblock. At night it can get cool so bring warm clothing and be prepared for rain.
  • Bring firewood for the campfire, you can pick some up at building sites.


  • Bring games, bats and balls if you wish to.

Rambles Co-Ordinator: Richard Angwin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (55250854)

Trip Leader: Anthony Smith


Post Trip pictures:

Camping Site
Srike  Desert creatures





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