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December Ramble #2:  Gemininds Metoeor Shower

The 5th QNHG ramble of the season is on Thursday, December 14th, 2017 


QNHG members are invited to join us in the desert, south of Doha, to view this year's Geminids meteor shower. With only a crescent moon visible, the dark skies will reveal a host of constellations as well as (hopefully) many meteors.


Gathering time and place:

Assemble 6:30pm at Google co-ordinates:  24.6537939 51.060916. The location is just off the Qatar/UAE road.  off the Qatar/UAE road. Leave the Salwa Road at the intersection AFTER the one that takes you to the Al Karaana sewage lagoons. Allow one hour once you get on to the Salwa Road.

Duration :

Assemble around 6:30pm and finish by midnight.

Trip Leaders: Hani Dalee with Olympiad students assisting.

Hani will give us a short talk on the Geminids, and will point out other features of the desert sky.

Trip Coordinators: Richard Angwin (55250854)

What to bring?

Vehicles: 4x4 drive NOT required, but always optimal

Other items:

  • Chairs, blankets or groundsheets for laying back and watching the sky.
  • Small table for your tea
  • Dinner/Tea/Snacks/Water
  • Torches/Flashlights - but use must be kept to a minimum
  • Your own binoculars or telescopes
  • Toilet paper/Rubbish bags

How to register:

Please register at the talk on the 6th December. Please include your QNHG membership number, how many in your party and a contact number. or call/sms QNHG trip coordinators if you have any queries. Richard 55250854 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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