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November Ramble: 

Friday November 7th, 2018

The rains are behind us and blue skies are here…for now. This means that the “Good Weather” clock has started ticking and we have 5-6 months to explore and enjoy every opportunity, give or take a few sandstorms along the way.

Our first outdoor outing of this season was last Friday to Umm Tais and it was perfect…weather, water temperature, our tour guide (Dr. Aspa, who wowed us with a refractometer! And, if we are lucky she will bring it this Friday, too.), and 70 smiling participants. See our facebook page for photos.

 Our second outing is highlighted below. We are lucky to have our speaker take us to one of the areas that he particularly enjoyed as he circled Qatar. Please read for ALL the details that you will need to attend this first of its kind outing.

 Lastly, we are VERY EXCITED & HONORED to have PIERRE DANIEL speak to us this Wednesday evening at our monthly meeting. His talk is titled: Run Around Qatar: A Unique Journey Through Qatar’s Natural Beauty.

Gathering Place and Time

Date & Time: Friday, November 9th at 7:00 a.m.

Duration:  3 to 5 hours (Attendees can leave anytime they need to depart.)

Gathering/Meeting Place:

Al JumailiyaWoqod Petrol Station (Al Jumailiya is a small town and it won’t be hard to find this spot.)

Allow up to an hour to arrive at the meeting point depending on your starting point. Example: using the WAZE app and putting “Al Jumailiya” as a destination it shows 57 km from Ain Khalid and 1.05 hours (Friday morning will be faster). To start you will drive towards Dukhan and then you will exit at the Camel Racetrack exit and then follow your map or an app’s directions.

Map Location of Meeting place


During this ramble, this month’s speaker, Pierre Daniel, will navigate us through one of the regions he crossed during his adventure. He will provide on-field knowledge and tips on the priorities of survival, orientation skills, and how to make use of the resources made available by different ecosystems in the desert.

Dr. Aspa will give brief accounts on the ecology of each ecosystem we will visit during this ramble and will explain how such knowledge can help one navigate through and survive in the desert.  

After our final stop, we will have time to break bread together and enjoy our lunch by the sea, before departing.

4 x 4’s are required for the outing, but any car can make it to the meeting point and then carpool from there.

Trip Leaders:

Pierre Daniel-Marketing and Dr. Aspa D. Chatziefthimiou- Desert Ecologist

Trip Coordinator

Dr. Aspa D. Chatziefthimiou
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
5516 5426

Registration: (Required)
Please sign up during our regular meeting on Wednesday, November 7th from 6:30 to 6:55.
This is a QNHG members only ramble. If you are unable to attend the meeting this month, please send an email to the Trip Coordinator. If you wish to join the ramble, but you are not a member, you can register via email with Dr. Aspa and pay your membership dues on the day of the tour.

Trip Leaders Bios

Pierre Daniel
Marketing professional, former ice hockey premier league, certified coach, Ironman, ultrarunner and mountaineer and more, the 37 years old Frenchman had lots of tools in his hands to make this challenge a memorable event. His love for Qatar, nature and physical activity led him to create this unique concept of running alone around the country to inspire others to be more active and also take the time to discover Qatar’s hidden treasures. Late comer to endurance sports, Pierre has ran his first marathon only 2 years ago and in a very short time became capable of running hundreds of kilometres. Pierre advocates that people are stronger than they may think and should follow their own journey to discover and unleash their physical and mental potential.

Dr. Aspa D. Chatziefthimiou
received her Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution from Rutgers University, USA, and currently is a Visiting Research Scientist at Weill Cornell Medicine investigating how cyanobacterial toxins are produced and the ways they impact environmental and human health. Dr. Aspa is very active in the fields of environmental sustainability as a Co-founder and Ecological Consultant at Richer Environments and a Principal Investigator for MetaSUB. Dr. Aspa is a passionate educator and organizes a myriad of outreach activities to expose the general public to the beauty of nature.

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