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April Ramble:  Al Thakira Flamingo island and beach kayaking trip

Saturday, April 21, 2018

QNHG members are invited to join us on a 2-3 hour kayaking trip around Flamingo Island. Nestled in the north of Qatar is a vast beautiful mangrove forest, part of the protected area of Al Thakira. The best way to access the forest is by kayak. Aquasports will take you through the network of channels that have been carved out by tidal action. This area supports a rich flora and fauna and is a favourite destination for nature lovers. Dr. Aspa, will give an overview of the wildlife present in the mangroves and intertidal areas.  Suitable for families and those looking for a relaxed easy paddle taking in the greenery and birdlife of the protected nature reserve. Once we reach the island, we will disembark our kayaks and explore the island on foot and have lunch on the spot. For the adventurers among us swimming is also a possibility.

March Ramble #2:  

Saturday 10th and Saturday 25th of March 2018


The spring bird migration is underway. Millions of birds will be flying north for the summer. Join Richard Angwin on a morning trip around Arikhiya Farm and the adjoining freshwater lagoons to try and find some of the 212 species of bird that have been identified here at one time or another. We should see 50 species in total.

March Ramble:  

The 8th QNHG ramble of the season is on Saturday 3rd, 2018 


We would like to invite members to join us on a guided trip around Al Kahramaa Awareness Park, off E Ring Road, south of the Old Airport. This is not your usual park, the aim of the Awareness Park is to teach adults and children about electricity and water conservation through exhibitions and 3D films. Take advantage of this chance to see this fairly new facility and it’s a great event for children to attend.

February Ramble:  

The 7th QNHG ramble of the season is on Friday 9th, 2018 


QNHG members are invited to join us on a kayaking trip around Flamingo Island of 3 to 4 hours duration. Nestled in the north of Qatar is a vast beautiful mangrove forest, part

January Ramble:  QF Golf Course

The 6th QNHG ramble of the season is on Friday 12th, 2018 


Members are invited to join us on a ramble around the new Education City Golf Course. There are plenty of water features on this sustainable course and birdlife is abundant.

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