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January Ramble:  QF Golf Course

The 6th QNHG ramble of the season is on Friday 12th, 2018 


Members are invited to join us on a ramble around the new Education City Golf Course. There are plenty of water features on this sustainable course and birdlife is abundant.

December Ramble #2:  Gemininds Metoeor Shower

The 5th QNHG ramble of the season is on Thursday, December 14th, 2017 


QNHG members are invited to join us in the desert, south of Doha, to view this year's Geminids meteor shower. With only a crescent moon visible, the dark skies will reveal a host of constellations as well as (hopefully) many meteors.

December Ramble - Desert Camping Trip

The 4th QNHG ramble of the season is on Friday, December 8-9th, 2017 


QNHG members are invited  to  enjoy the day in the desert and and camp overnight in the starry and tranquil desert.  Anthony Smith is an experienced camper in Qatar, Tony has lived here for many years and goes camping most weekends, in fact I believe he goes every weekend.

November Ramble: “125,000 years of Khor Al Adaid (Inland Sea) through the looking glass of geology and ecology”

The 3rd QNHG ramble of the season is on Friday, November 3rd, 2017 - 


The trip will include several stops:

  1. A dune overlook of the inland sea to orient the trip discuss the large-scale natural processes that form this stark landscape.  
  2. A stop at the Inland Sea shoreline to discover the secrets of microbial marine mats.  
  3. A lunch stop near the Inland Sea Delta. Wading is encouraged.
  4. A visit to sand mounds that host a 6000 year old mollusk deposit.
  5. A stop at a 125,000 year old outcrop of Pleistocene rock to get sense for the environments here at that time.
  6. A stop and short walk to a “salt flat” where gypsum and halite crystals can be found at surface. This stop is optional, and also dependent on recent weather (if it rains prior to our arrival- the salt will not be there). 

October Ramble #2: Msheireb Museums Tour

The 2sd QNHG Ramble of the season is on Saturday, October 28th, 2017 


We will have a short introduction to the complex and then our guide will accompany us through the museums.

GOOD NEWS! We have a QNHG Qatari member who is a volunteer guide for Msherieb who has offered to guide us for this ramble. They do not do tours on weekends due to limited staff working. There is a lot of information available throughout the tour and you can spend as little or as much time as you have available to see this fascinating look into Qatar’s varied history.

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