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October Ramble #1: Bird watching along Qatar’s North Coast

The 1st QNHG Ramble of the season is on Friday, October 20th, 2017 -  


This Autumn bird migration is underway. Some migrants will be attracted to the garden at Al Shamal, whilst others will be found along the coastal strip. We will take a leisurely drive and stroll around the park, harbour and coastal area, similar to those trips in previous years with myself, and before that, Neil Morris.

There are filling stations en route. The park has toilets. We can stop for snacks at a local supermarket (if open), after visiting the park. We will aim to finish at a pleasant covered location for a late lunch stop.

Monthly Rambles

There are field trips or rambles at least twice a month on Friday or Saturday morning during the season (from mid-October to late April) to places of interest around Qatar. The trips are usually led by people who have some knowledge of a particular region or subject, e.g. amateur or professional geologists, botanists, archaeologists and so on. These activities vary from a couple of hours walk to a full day excursion. There are also camping trips and star-gazing expeditions from time to time. Children are welcome on the trips provided they are kept under parental control at all times.


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