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Summary for QNHG Talk Series - Season 2020-2021

What a wonderful series of talks we had this season! We covered topics from the gentle giants in our Arabian Gulf, the miraculous Whale Sharks, to the not-so-gentle microscopic SARS-CoV-2 virus that has changed our realities in deep-rooted ways.

This season as in the last one, we were able to circumvent the mandate for no social gatherings by holding our talks electronically. We even got to go on a virtual ecological exploration in the desert and her seas, a fruitful collaboration with the Qatar National Library! We covered new topics such as the toads in Qatar, and revisited others that we hadn’t touched upon for years, like the insects in Qatar.

Under the light of sustainability, we contemplated on heritage, art, and natural resources conservation in Qatar with talks on fishing practices and fisheries management, fashion, and on the smart re-use of water in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM.

Finally, the talk on natural history, reinforced in us why we do what we do as naturalists and in serving our community, with the take home message that nature exploration sharpens our minds, heightens our senses and fills our hearts with joy!!

We want to thank our eleven speakers for volunteering their time to share their amazing work with our group. It is outreach efforts like theirs that have kept our beloved QNHG running for 40 years and counting. We thank you, our members for your quick smile, gentle energy and ongoing support on all matters including helping us locate speakers.
If you would like a more detailed run-down of each of the talks and the biographies of our speakers, please read our informative Newsletters, and visit our website.
As always we welcome your ideas and suggestions for new topics to be covered in the new season’s programming we are preparing for you. Send us your ideas to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy your summer adventures in nature, and don’t forget, our first talk of the new season will be on Wednesday, October the 6th.

Dr. Aspa D. Chatziefthimiou
QNHG Talks Coordinator

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