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March Talk: Awareness and attitudes toward threatened species in Qatar 

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 1st ,  2023 at 7pm

Speakers: Dr. Jennifer Bruder, Associate Teaching Professor of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

Venue: Doha English Speaking School, DESS location

Remote Access: Zoom 


Synopsis of the talk:


Dr. Bruder will present and discuss her group’s research on the perceptions and attitudes that both citizens and residents in Qatar have regarding some of Qatar’s threatened species and how this may influence conservation decisions

Speaker Bio:



Dr. Bruder is a neuro-cognitive psychologist with a current research focus in environmental psychology. Much of her research centres around understanding how culture can influence and shape cognitive processes, such as how we perceive the world and make decisions. Jennifer has lived, worked and studied in Canada, Germany, Denmark and Qatar. She currently works as a professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. 


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