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November Talk: The Geology of Qatar for Non-Geologists by Dr John M. Rivers, Geologic Researcher at ExxonMobil Research Qatar

Talk is on Wednesday, November 1st 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Doha English Speaking School click on the link for direction

Synopsis of talk

Have you laboured under the weight of perplexity caused by questions like, “Why do Qatar rocks have gas?” or “Why did a hole appear in the road?”  Have you suffered from sleep deprivation as a result of not knowing why pristine piles sea shells can be found lazily lying on the dry ground kilometres from the sea?  Maybe your burning questions are more mundane like, “What kinds of rocks can I find around Qatar?” and, for that matter, “What is a rock, exactly?”  These questions and more will all be answered in this non-technical and informal presentation on the geology of Qatar. 

Short biography

Dr John Rivers is a geologist working for ExxonMobil Research Qatar with nine years’ of research experience in petroleum-related geologic systems. His current research focuses on characterization of limestone sediments and rocks forming in modern Qatar coastal environments, and occurring in the local subsurface rock record.

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