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February Talk: The Architecture of Defence: Forts of Qatar

February is already here ! How time flies ! And thanks to Dr Ferhan Sakal. Head of Archaeological Operations at Qatar Museums, we’ll travel through time, and learn about some of the history of the Peninsula.

And more specifically, we shall explore the history behind the Forts that we see (or not)…
Mark your calendar for the ramble on the 8th. Dr Sakal will lead us on a unique visit up north, to discover or re-discover four of the Forts…

We welcome members and non-members alike and we do not charge for our monthly talks. Doors open at 6:30 PM and we offer tea and biscuits and time to peruse the QNHG library before the meeting begins at 7:00 PM. Our Rambles and Membership tables will also be open shortly after 6:30.

Speaker: Dr. Ferhan Sakal, Head of Archaeological Operations, Qatar Museums

Date & Time: WEDNESDAY, February  9th at Doha English Speaking School (DESS).  

Venue: Doha English Speaking School - Map

Synopsis of talk

If you live in an arid and flat area there are not many possibilities to hide during the event of an enemy attack. Special fortified buildings like forts in strategic locations help to overcome this problem. Throughout the history these special buildings offer to the people of Qatar security and stability. They secured the most important resources and the borders of the country. During this talk you will be introduced to the most famous examples of the defensive architecture in Qatar and their current state of preservation. The talk will give an overview about the history and architectural elements of these special buildings.

Short biography

Dr. Ferhan SakalDr. Ferhan Sakal is a Turkish German archaeologist who studied Prehistory and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the Universities of Istanbul (Turkey) and Tübingen (Germany). He holds a PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of Tübingen. Before moving to Qatar he worked for several excavation projects in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Germany and was field director of several excavation and survey projects. He published several books, editions and articles on chronology, archaeological excavations and material studies. Since 2013 he holds the position Head of Archaeological Operations at the Division of Cultural Heritage of Qatar Museums.

Message From the Librarian

"kindly don't forget to return the books that you have checked out and to browse relevant titles from our own library such as:

  1. Traditional Architecture in Qatar by Mohammed Jassim Al Kholaifi
  2. The Qatar Society from Diving to Urbanization by Dr. Kalthum Ali Al Ghanim
  3. Hidden In the Sands: Uncovering Qatar's Past by Francis Gillespie and Faisal Abdulla Al Naimi
  4. Mission Archeologique Francaise a Qatar by Jacques Tixier"

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