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April Talk: The future of coral reefs: status and threats

This month we have another opportunity to learn more about our environment, and specifically on a pressing issue that raises concerns not only here in Qatar, but for the planet globally.
We are very grateful to Dr. Aeby for offering this talk on coral reefs.

She’s a fellow QNHG member and a renown scientist with expertise on marine ecology, biodiversity, and conservation.

So we hope you will join us.  We welcome members and non-members alike and we do not charge for our monthly talks. Doors open at 6:30 PM and we offer tea and biscuits and time to peruse the QNHG library before the meeting begins at 7:00 PM. Our Rambles and Membership tables will also be open shortly after 6:30.

Speaker: Dr. Greta Aeby, Research associate, Qatar University

Date & Time: Wednesday, April  3rd at Doha English Speaking School (DESS).  

Venue: Doha English Speaking School - Map

Synopsis of talk

Coral reefs are considered the rainforests of the sea with a wide diversity of amazing animals that depend on them for food and shelter.   This talk will give an overview of the current condition of the world’s coral reefs and of Qatar's reefs, the global and local threats to their survival and the outlook for their future.  

Short biography

Dr. Aeby obtained her PhD at the University of Hawaii where she studied the evolution and ecology of a marine parasite.  She completed post-doctoral training in Florida on coral bleaching and disease.  She then returned to Hawaii and was faculty at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology where her lab focused on understanding coral disease in Hawaii and throughout the Indo-Pacific.  She is now focused on researching coral disease in Qatar and other Middle Eastern regions. 



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