Field Trips and Rambles 2017 - 2018 Season

March Field Trip#2: Birdwatching at Arikhiya Farm - Saturday 10th and Saturday 25th of March 2018
Summary: The spring bird migration is underway. Millions of birds will be flying north for the 
summer. Join Richard Angwin on a morning trip around Arikhiya Farm and the adjoining freshwater 
lagoons to try and find some of the 212 species of bird that have been identified here at one time 
or another. We should see 50 species in total.
Gathering time and place: An early start, with a rendezvous at the nearby Woqod Filling Station at 06:15am before travelling together to Arikhiya Farm. Expect to finish around midday.
There are toilets and a shop at the Woqod.
Full meeting details will be sent to those signing up.
Availability: Access to this working farm is very restricted. A maximum of 14 people can be 
accommodated on each trip. 
How to register:  Members only, with strict priority being given to those signing up at the next 
meeting on Wednesday 7th March. For more information, send an email to Richard Angwin at
Trip Leader/Coordinator: Richard Angwin Mobile: 55250854 
What to Bring: Water, snacks, sunscreen, camera and binoculars. You will need a long lens or a good 
zoom on any camera. Club and personal binoculars will be available but if you have any, please 
bring your own

March Field Trip#1: Guided trip around Al Kahramaa Awareness Park - Saturday 3th March 2018
We would like to invite members to join us on a guided trip around Al Kahramaa Awareness Park, off E Ring Road, south of the Old Airport. This is not your usual park, the aim of the Awareness Park is to teach adults and children about electricity and water conservation through exhibitions and 3D films. Take advantage of this chance to see this fairly new facility and it’s a great event for children to attend.
MEMBERS ONLY - A maximum of 60 members can partake in this trip. 
Time: 4:00 pm; Assemble at 3:35 pm. Tour expected to take 2 hours.
Trip Coordinators:  Richard Angwin Tel: 5525 0854 Email:
Bookings for this tour will be accepted at the regular group meeting on Wednesday, February 10. Remaining spaces, after the February 7th meeting, can be booked by emailing Richard at the email below. Please include your membership number and if you have a family membership, how many will be attending.
Gathering time and place:
 Full details will be emailed to those who have signed up. Car parking will be available.

February Field Trip – Al Thakira Flamingo Island and beach kayaking trip – Friday 9th February 2018 

QNHG members are invited to join us on a kayaking trip around Flamingo Island of 3 to 4 hours duration.

Nestled in the north of Qatar is a vast beautiful mangrove forest, part of the protected area of Al Thakira. The best way to access the forest is by kayak. Aquasports will take you through the network of channels.
This area supports a rich flora and fauna and is a favourite destination for nature lovers. Dr. Aspa, will give an overview of the wildlife present in the mangroves and intertidal areas.
Suitable for families and those looking for a relaxed easy paddle taking in the greenery and birdlife of the protected nature reserve. Once we reach the island, we will disembark our kayaks and explore the island on foot and have lunch on the spot. For the adventurers among us swimming is also a possibility.
Gathering Place:
Assemble at the Al Meera supermarket carpark in Al Thakira. To get there go through Al Khor, past Al Khor Hospital on right. Within the next two kilometres Al Meera is on the right just after the Woqod Petrol Station. Google Maps co-ordinates 25.726739, 51.530268.

Time: 8:00 am

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Trip Leaders: Aquasports
Trip Coordinator: Dr. Aspa D. Chatziefthimiou (5516 5426)

What to bring? Vehicles: 4x4 drive NOT required.

Other items:
Lunch, towels, swimwear, hats, sunscreen water, rubbish bags, a change of clothes
This trip is being run by Aquasports. QNHG has negotiated a group discount, resulting in an adult fee of QR170 and a child fee of QR85 (under 12 years old) and QR42 (under 6 years old)

Full payment will be required at the February 7 meeting. There is a maximum of 40 spaces available. Please bring correct change. Any unfilled spaces will be available to members unable to attend the meeting but full payment (correct money) must be made on the day.

Please note this trip is subject to suitable tide and weather conditions.


January Field trip:  QF Golf Course

We would love for you to join us for the 1st QNHG Ramble of 2018 on a tour of the new Education City Golf Course. Have the chance to see this sustainable golf course with its many water features and abundant bird and wild life. You don’t have to play golf to appreciate a new green space in Doha!
Where: Education City Golf Course
When: January, Friday 12th, 2018
Gathering/Meeting Place: Education City Golf Club site offices
Map Location of Meeting point:  Co-ordinates: 25.310520 51.411800. 
Google Maps, you can search for “Qatar Foundation Golf Course Project Office
Trip Coordinator
Richard Angwin,, 55250854 
How to register:
Please register at Wednesday’s talk . Please have your membership number available. If you are not able to sign up at the meeting, and there are any available spaces, please send your membership number, contact details and number in party to Richard Angwin,, 55250854
What to bring:
Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, cameras and binoculars. 
As always our rambles are for members only, so if you haven’t had the chance to attend a previous meeting, if there is space, you can join at this ramble. Individuals are QR 75 and Families are QR 150 for the rest of the season. Please contact the above coordinator to give him your information. 


December Field trip #2 - Gemininds Metoeor Shower  - Thursday 14th December 2017
QNHG members  are invited to join us in the desert, south of Doha, to view this year's Geminids meteor shower. With only a crescent moon visible, the dark skies will reveal a host of constellations as well as (hopefully) many meteors 
Field Trip : Geminids meteor shower
Date: Thursday 14th December 2017
Gathering Time and place: Assemble 6:30pm at Google co-ordinates:  24.6537939 51.060916. The location is just off the Qatar/UAE road.  off the Qatar/UAE road. Leave the Salwa Road at the intersection AFTER the one that takes you to the Al Karaana sewage lagoons. Allow one hour once you get on to the Salwa Road.
Duration: Assemble around 6:30pm and finish by midnight.
Trip Leaders: Hani Dalee with Olympiad students assisting. Hani will give us a short talk on the Geminids, and will point out other features of the desert sky.
Trip Coordinators: Richard Angwin (55250854)
What to bring? Vehicles: 4x4 drive NOT required, but always optimal
Other items:
Chairs, blankets or groundsheets for laying back and watching the sky.
Small table for your tea    
Torches/Flashlights - but use must be kept to a minimum
Your own binoculars or telescopes
Toilet paper/Rubbish bags
How to register: Please register if you did not at the talk on the 6th December. Please include your QNHG membership number, how many in your party and a contact number. or call/sms  QNHG trip coordinators  if you have any queries.  Richard 55250854


December Field Trip: Camping Trip - Friday 8th December 2017

Date : Friday December 8th, 2017

We would like to invite all our members to join QNHG to  enjoy the day in the desert and and camp overnight in the starry and tranquil desert. 
Anthony Smith is an experienced camper in Qatar, Tony has lived here for many years and goes camping most weekends, in fact I believe he goes every weekend.
Meeting Place:  We will rendezvous at the Jarir Bookstore on Salwa Road at 10 am on Friday 8th December.  We will depart the parking lot of the Bookstore at 10.15am. 

A maximum of 20 vehicles
The journey to the camp will take us through Turayna Farm then on to Qusaira, an old rain water cistern. We will then travel on tracks to the camp at Jaow Hashemiyah, known as Acacia Camp. We will make a lunch stop near Turayna Farm, arriving at camp by mid-afternoon and set up camp and explore the area. There are many fossils to be observed but not to be taken. This is an opportunity to search for desert creatures.
On Saturday morning we will depart camp at 9am and drive to nearby Jaow Hamrya (Shark's Teeth Valley) where we will spend time exploring for Shark’s teeth and other fossils. We will then make our way to the Inland Sea before departing.
What to bring
For the campers:

  • A four wheel drive vehicle is mandatory, make sure it is in excellent working condition and fill the tank prior to our meet as we will not stop for Gas/petrol.
  • The usual camping gear for your family, plenty of food and lots and lots of water. You will need food for lunch and dinner on Friday, and breakfast and (perhaps) lunch for the second day.
  • Toiletries and a spade to dig a hole. (you know what that's for.)
  • A flashlight/torch with extra batteries and good walking shoes, a water bottle and sunblock. At night it can get cool so bring warm clothing and be prepared for rain.
  • Bring firewood for the campfire, you can pick some up at building sites. 
Bring games, bats and balls if you wish to.
Rambles Coordinator: Richard Angwin (55250854)
Trip Leader: Anthony Smith
Animals viewed in the trip - back from the camping

November Field Trip: “125,000 years of Khor Al Adaid (Inland Sea) through the looking glass of geology and ecology”
Date & Time: Friday November 3rd, 2017 at 8:a.m.
Duration: Approximately 7 hours 

Summary:  The trip will include several stops: 1) A dune overlook of the inland sea to orient the trip discuss the large-scale natural processes that form this stark landscape.  2) A stop at the Inland Sea shoreline to discover the secrets of microbial marine mats.  3) A lunch stop near the Inland Sea Delta. Wading is encouraged. 4) A visit to sand mounds that host a 6000 year old mollusk deposit. 5) A stop at a 125,000 year old outcrop of Pleistocene rock to get sense for the environments here at that time. 6) A stop and short walk to a “salt flat” where gypsum and halite crystals can be found at surface. This stop is optional, and also dependent on recent weather (if it rains prior to our arrival- the salt will not be there). 

Gathering time and place:  Sealine- just past last round about
Meeting Place: See the map following this information.

click on the GPS link for location


Trip Leaders:

Dr. John Rivers, Geologist
Ms. Ruqaiya Yousif, Environmental Specialist
Dr. Aspa D. Chatziefthimiou, Ecologist
Trip Coordinator:
Mr. Richard Angwin / / 5525 0854
Dr. Aspa D. Chatziefthimiou / / 5516 5426
How to Register:  
Come to the QNHG meeting on the 1st of November and sign up at the Rambles table beginning at 6:30pm. Any spots not filled at the meeting will be opened up to our membership via an email blast.  
Trip Leaders short Bio:  
Dr John Rivers is a geologist working for ExxonMobil Research Qatar with nine years’ of research experience in petroleum-related geologic systems.  His current research focuses on characterization of limestone sediments and rocks forming in modern Qatar coastal environments, and occurring in the local subsurface rock record.  
Ms. Ruqaiya Yousif works as an environmental Specialist for Qatar Center of Coastal Research (QCCR) and environmental team in ExxonMobil Research Qatar. Her work involves remote sensing and mapping, hydrodynamic and sediment transport modeling, and core description and geochemistry (paleo-environment). 
Dr. Aspa D. Chatziefthimiou is an ecologist and her work centers in extreme environments. Currently she is a Visiting Research Scientist at Weill Cornell Medicine and Exxon Mobil Research. She is very active in the field of sustainability and urban ecology as a Scientific Advisor at QGBC and a Principal Investigator for MetaSUB. Dr. Chatziefthimiou is a passionate educator and through the ecological consultancy Richer Environments, she organizes a myriad of outreach activities and eco-tours to expose the general public to the beauty of nature.
Additional information 
4WD with appropriate tire pressure for dune crossing mandatory.  Maximum 25 vehicles. Plentiful supplies of drink and food, sunglasses and sun hats. Don't forget your camera

Field Trip and Ramble: Msheireb Museums Tour
Date & Time: Saturday, October 28th, 2017 at 9:15 a.m.
Duration: Approximately 1.5 to 3 hours 

Summary:  We will have a short introduction to the complex and then our guide will accompany us through the museums.
GOOD NEWS! We have a QNHG Qatari member who is a volunteer guide for Msherieb who has offered to guide us for this ramble. They do not do tours on weekends due to limited staff working. There is a lot of information available throughout the tour and you can spend as little or as much time as you have available to see this fascinating look into Qatar’s varied history.

Gathering time and place:   The Visitors Center at the Msheireb Museums Complex. There are some spaces to park within the museum complex or there are paid spots near the large mosque across Al Rayyan Road or you can park across the street in the paid underground parking at Souq Waqif.
Meeting Place: See the map following this information.
click on the GPS link for location


Trip Leader/Coordinator: Sheri Kenly M: 6656 0604 
How to register: Sign ups for the remaining spots will be done via email. Please send one to with your name and number of spots required. Annual membership is required, but you can pay the annual fee of QR 75 for an individual or QR 150 for families at the start of the event.

October Ramble#1 

Field Trip and Ramble: Birdwatching along Qatar’s north coast
Date & Time: Friday, October 20th, 2017 at 6:15 a.m.

Summary: This Autumn bird migration is underway. Some migrants will be attracted to the garden at Al Shamal, whilst others will be found along the coastal strip. We will take a leisurely drive and stroll around the park, harbour and coastal area, similar to those trips in previous years with myself, and before that, Neil Morris.
There are filling stations en route. The park has toilets. We can stop for snacks at a local supermarket (if open), after visiting the park. We will aim to finish at a pleasant covered location for a late lunch stop.

Gathering time and place: Gather at the meeting place at 6:15am with a view to leaving at 6:30am sharp.
Meeting Place: In front of Carrefour supermarket at Landmark Mall. Co-ordinates: Lat: 25.333961 Long: 51.468046

For those who would prefer to do so, or for those who are too late to get to Carrefour, the second rendezvous location is Al Shamal park at 7:30am. Co-ordinates: 26.1233917 Long: 51.210342

Duration: Approximately from 6:30am to 1:00pm.
Trip Leader/Coordinator: Richard Angwin Mobile: 55250854 
What to Bring: Water, snacks, sunscreen, camera and binoculars. You will need a long lens or a good zoom on any camera. Club and personal binoculars will be available but if you have any, please bring your own
How to register: Come to the QNHG meeting on October 4 and sign up at the Rambles table beginning at 6:30pm. Any spots not filled at the meeting will be opened up to our membership via an email blast. 
There is no limit on the number of vehicles. We will try and find rides for as many members as possible whether you have a vehicle or not. For more information, send an email to Richard Angwin at