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February Talk: Toads in Qatar


Date & Time: Wednesday, February 3rd, video Conferencing  Starting at 7 pm. 

Speakers: Dr. Nobby Yamaguchi, Associate Professor, Institute of Tropical Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

Venue: Video conference via Zoom

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Synopsis of talks 

Qatar is one of the few countries where there is no natural permanent surface freshwater source, and yet, toads are known to occur. My student and I conducted the first-ever nationwide field survey of toads in Qatar. The distribution pattern of toads in Qatar may suggest that toads were initially introduced to eastern part of the country, from which they have dispersed through water transportation networks.

Speaker Bio 

I was born and brought up in Japan, moved to the UK where I lived for 14 years, then Qatar (12 years) before moving to Malaysia in 2019. I was trained at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, and Oxford University, Oxford, UK, and have worked at Oxford University, Qatar University, and University Malaysia Terengganu. My main research interests are evolutionary biology, behavioural ecology, and conservation biology.


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