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October Talk: Communicating Environmental Sustainability: From Scientific Research to Exhibition


Date & Time: Wednesday, October 13th, video Conferencing  Starting at 7 pm. 

Speakers: Lina Patmali (Exhibition Researcher, National Museum of Qatar) & Bouthayna Baltaji (Head of Exhibitions, National Museum of Qatar)

Venue: Video conference via Zoom

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Synopsis of talks 


Exhibitions can be a way for the museum to communicate with the public. Exhibitions can share research and values but also exchange stories and ideas with its community. The National Museum of Qatar tries to incorporate as many voices from its communities not only in the exhibition itself but also in its development.The temporary exhibition Sea grass Tales, Dugong Trails featured leading scientific research from local institutions as well as contributions from local institutional and non-institutional initiatives. In this talk, we will explore how interdisciplinary scientific research has been translated into exhibits. How do these exhibits communicate environmental consciousness?


Speaker Bio 


 Lina Patmali works as an exhibition researcher at the National Museum of Qatar. She has previously worked in museums and exhibitions in Qatar, Italy and Greece. She holds an MA in Museum and Gallery Practice from University College London, Qatar and a BA in Communication, Media and Cultural Studies from Panteion University in Athens, Greece. Her research interests include the exploration of interdisciplinary curatorial practices, the construction of narratives, and the integration of ecology in exhibition-making.


Bouthayna Baltaji
Bouthayna M Baltaji is the Head of Exhibitions at the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ). In her work at NMoQ, she has developed and implemented interpretive planning strategies for exhibitions. Baltaji has worked on the development of both indoor and outdoor museum spaces including: exhibitions, family spaces and playgrounds. She has an MA in Museum and Gallery Practice from the University College London, Qatar and a BA in Social Research and Public Policy, as well as, Visual Arts from the New York University, Abu Dhabi. Her research interests center around cultivating visitor experiences that are engaging, sensory, and inter generationally accessible.



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