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November Talk: Agriculture and Food Security in Qatar


Date & Time: Wednesday, November 3rd, video Conferencing  Starting at 7 pm. 

Speakers: Theodora Karanisa, Ph.D., Agricultural Researcher, Center for Sustainable Development, Qatar University

Venue: Video conference via Zoom

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Synopsis of talks 


Food security is a critical priority for the State of Qatar. Shocks in the food supply chain, like the 3.5-year blockade imposed by the adjacent Arab Gulf States and allies, have exposed the high dependence of Qatar on imports, and the need to sustainably expand the food production in the country. During this talk I will give an overview of the recent evolution of Qatar’s growing agricultural sector and will discuss its importance for the country’s food security.


Speaker Bio 


Dr.Theodora Karanisa holds a Ph.D. degree in Plant Science from the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece, and an M.Sc. in Organic Food Chain Management from the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany.  Her research areas focus is on agriculture, food security and sustainability, and she is currently working on research projects of the Center for Sustainable Development at Qatar University, which are focused on design-led approaches for sustainable food, energy, water, and waste nexus through urban agricultural practices. She has also participated as an expert in research projects for Qatar Green Building Council and College of North Atlantic – Qatar, related to education and professional training.




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