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May Talk: Experiencing the Desert and much more... My Journey with QNHG

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 18th,  2022

Speakers: Dr Thierry Lesales - Chairman of Qatar Natural History Group, Environmental Journalist and Producer, Oryx FM, Qatar Media Corporation

Venue: Doha English Speaking School, DESS location


Synopsis of the talk


This is the narrative of a personal experience discovering Qatar’s nature, and getting involved with a fantastic group of people who share a true passion for the desert environment, its history and the culture of the land.

The talk will give a unique opportunity to rediscover some aspects of Qatar Natural History Group, its history and evolution, and through the Q & A session, we’ll draw some perspectives about the future of the group.


Speaker Bio 


Thierry Lesales is from the Caribbean, where he grew up and studied Geography at the University of the French West Indies with a specialty in natural hazards. His initial interest was in landslides, then volcanic hazards. Thierry also has contributed his expertise to studies on hurricanes and earthquakes.
After a post-doctorate at the University of Louisville in the United States, he was based in Paris, where he worked as a consultant on risks and biodiversity issues in the Caribbean. He has lived in Qatar since 2014, and has served as QNHG chairperson since 2019.

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