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June Talk: Future Flora and Fauna: Exploiting desert biodiversity for climate change resiliency.

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 9th,  2022

Speakers: Dr. Renee Richer, Associate Professor, Duke Kunshan University

Venue: Doha English Speaking School, DESS location


Synopsis of the talk:


Dr. Richer will discuss how deserts, specifically Qatar, are a source of rich resources, becoming even more crucial with climate change. Desert organisms and their mutualistic relationships are important biological resources for enhancing global climate change resiliency. She will also present highlights from her recently published book “Hidden Beauty: An Exploration of Qatar’s Native and Naturalised Flora”.


Speaker Bio:

  Dr. Richer received her BA in biology from the University of Chicago and her PhD in biology from Harvard University in 2004. She taught at the American University of Armenia from 2005-2007. Dr. Richer’s conservation work at the American University of Armenia was recognised by the Whitley Award, the UK’s largest conservation award. She worked for Weill Cornell Medicine Qatar from 2007–2014 and continues to work in the field of environmental science, terrestrial ecosystems, sustainable development and human health. For the last decade she has been working to understand the physiology and ecology of complex photosynthetic biocrusts in deserts and the bioactive compounds they produce. She is currently employed at Duke Kunshan University.

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