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October Talk: Gentle Giants of the Al Shaheen - Whale Sharks  By Catherine Reeves, Senior Environmental Advisor, North Oil Company


Date & Time: Wednesday, October 14th video Conferencing  Starting at 7pm. 

Speakers: Catherine Reeves

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Synopsis of talk 

During this talk, Katie will discuss the whale sharks of the Al Shaheen field:why they aggregate in the Qatari waters every year, why they are here in the first place and she will update us on Whale Shark science across the world. She will discuss the limited activities from this year in Qatar due to COVID-19 restricting fieldwork, as well as what is planned for the next few years. 

Speakers biographies


Katie Reeves is an enthusiastic marine scientist (MSc/BSc), and has over twenty years of diverse experience as a marine
environmental and ecological specialist advisor.

Prior to working in Qatar, Katie worked for WWF-UK as a Marine Protected Areas officer and campaigned for the UK Marine Act, this included a stint in Northern Ireland for the Wildlife Trusts and WWF-NI. As a nature conservation regulator in Natural England, she has written numerous articles and publications, and thoroughly enjoyed developing the Good Beach Guide in the Marine Conservation Society to improve coastal water quality across the UK.

In Qatar, Katie has been involved in the oil and gas sector, consultancy and has greatly enjoyed conducting turtle monitoring, undertaking various coral, seagrass, coastal surveys for various coastal and offshore impact assessments. She is a member of the recently formed North Oil Company Whale Shark Project group.
Some of her favourite moments have come as a volunteer scuba diver recording the wonderful marine life across the world. 


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